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April 13, 2022

Joint DIJ-NUS Workshop explores Health Infrastructure in Asia


Jointly organised by the Asia Research Institute (National University of Singapore) and the DIJ, the workshop “Health Infrastructure and Asia’s Epidemiological Transitions: Historical Perspectives” will investigate Asian experiences in crafting health infrastructure over the long twentieth century. Asia has long been stigmatized as a source of global contagion, yet there has been relatively little historical examination of the everyday health challenges there, such as epidemiological transitions, climate change, and extensive internal and international migration. The workshop brings together scholars with different geographic foci within Asia to engage in a comparative and connective dialogue. It seeks to produce new ways of understanding the dynamics of health and disease under the processes of decolonization and development, but also with an eye to drawing lessons from the past that could lead to formulating better health policies in the present. The workshop takes place online on April 13-14 and is co-convened by DIJ’s David M. Malitz. Details and registration information here