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November 24, 2022

Carsten Herbes discusses Generation Z and sustainable consumption at DIJ talk

Private consumption accounts for a significant share of the environmental and social impact of human activities. Therefore, understanding consumer perceptions and behaviours is important for policy makers and companies but also for NGOs. In this presentation, Carsten Herbes will shed light on the similarities and differences in consumption behaviour between Japanese and German youth, focusing on the areas of food and clothing. Herbes will discuss influencing factors such as attitudes, norms, perceived opportunities, knowledge and trust as well as engagement in the Fridays for Future movement. His analysis draws on the Theory of Planned Behaviour and is based on consumer interviews with Generation Z members (age 16-24) in both countries and expert interviews. In addition, a representative online survey of around 500 GenZ consumers in both Japan and Germany was performed. Details and registration here

Carsten Herbes, Nuertingen-Geislingen University, Germany/DIJ Tokyo