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March 31, 2023

DIJ talk discusses regulations and future of Artificial Intelligence

How positive or negative is the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Despite its potential, most people are worried about the impact AI may have on their lives, including discrimination and unemployment. This talk will present a novel approach to help improve regulation of AI to become more inclusive and to avoid future harms from emerging technologies. To this end it utilizes arts-based research methods such as speculative design and Science Fiction prototyping. Its use in other disciplines has already shown its potential in helping policy discussions to become more inclusive towards underrepresented stakeholder communities and alternative perspectives. After presenting her research and recent findings from speculative design workshops in Japan and Taiwan, the speaker will invite the audience to actively take part in a speculative design exercise to experience how thinking about the future may help us make better decisions in the present. Details and registration here

Speaker: Freyja van den Boom