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Event Series
June 21, 2023

Online DIJ Study Group on Growth-oriented Carbon Pricing Concept

The Growth-oriented Carbon Pricing Concept in Japan refers to a set of policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions through a market-based approach that incentivizes the use of low-carbon technologies and practices. It is the most important part of the Basic Policy for Green Transformation (GX) Realization, as outlined by the Kishida administration, and consists of GX Economic Transition Bonds, emission trading system and carbon charge system. Its goal is to reduce emissions and to promote sustainable economic growth and job creation, by encouraging innovation and investment in low-carbon industries. The concept is part of Japan’s broader strategy to address climate change and achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. This session of the DIJ Study Group on ‘The Political Economy of Carbon Pricing and Green Finance – Comparing the EU and Japanese Discourses and Policy Approaches’ takes place online. Details and registration here

Tokutaro Nakai, former Vice Minister, Ministry of the Environment, Japan, Executive Advisor to Nippon Steel Corporation
with comments by Nobuyuki Kinoshita, Tokyo Financial Exchange