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Event Series
January 24, 2024

Online Study Group on Religion in Japan’s Cultural Heritage Campaign

As part of the nationwide campaign “Japan Cultural Heritage”, the religious tradition Shugendō has been listed as cultural heritage by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. Ever since, this label has been used to promote the tourist marketing of one of the main areas of Shugendō practice in Wakayama. Practicing groups across the country are also gathering in digital social networks, creating new structures and collaborating with international groups practicing outside of Japan. Shugendō is thereby involved in debates about the environment and sustainability, national identity and, of course, cultural heritage. This lecture explores how practitioners of this religious tradition and external sectors are related to each other and how religion influences socioeconomics and the imagination of “culture”. Latest field research by the speaker provides insights into the cultural heritage campaign and the role Shugendō plays regarding the Expo 2025 in Osaka. Details and registration here

Josko Kozic, Heidelberg University/DIJ Tokyo