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Rebecca O'Sullivan

Rebecca is an archaeologist with research interests in trans-national exchange networks and the socio-political uses of archaeology in Central and East Asia. Her current research focuses on cross-border connections between Hokkaido, the Russian Far East, Northeast China, and the Korean Peninsula for the period 2000–500 BCE. Since 2021, she has held a research fellowship at the University of Bonn, Germany, before which she was an International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellow at Jilin University, China (2019–2021). She is co-principal investigator on the Gerda Henkel-funded project ‘Hearth & Home’ investigating Iron Age settlement patterns in northern Mongolia (2022–2024). She has also published recently on the representation of history and archaeology in popular media in Taiwan and China.

As a recipient of the Gerald D. Feldman grant, Rebecca is conducting archival research at the DIJ to examine animal imagery on bone, shell, and ceramic excavated at Late and Final Jomon (c. 1500–300 BCE) sites on Hokkaido.