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Biru David Binder

Japanese Studies, Gender Studies
(PhD Students, June 1, 2010 - August 30, 2010)
  • (Trans)Gender-Theory
  • Masculinities pre-1945
  • Political Paradoxes

PhD thesis
The Amur-Society (Kokuryūkai), a Case Study in Radical Nationalism and Gender

Key-texts within so-called classical theory of nationalisms show a distinct and telling neglect of the gendered and gendering formative processes involved in nation-building. Several works by feminist scholars since the mid-1980s have contested this view by arguing that neither nationalisms nor the nation can be sufficiently understood without their respective integral gender(ing) parts. Historians of Japan have given the Amur-Society (established 1901, disbanded 1946) a prominent place in the history of ultranationalist Japan, but no published study has analyzed the gendered notions of the Amur-Society’s discourse yet. The dissertation seeks to critically fill this historiographical gap by drawing an exemplary roadmap of its gendered and gendering nationalist discourse articulated within its multilingual publications.