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Franziska Schultz

Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies
(PhD Students, March 1, 2012 - February 28, 2013)

Dissertation project

Working title: Political Shocks within Japan-China Relations and their Effects on Bilateral Economic Exchange

Japanese-Chinese relations have been marked by considerable political tensions over the last three decades.
This potential of conflict has manifested itself in reoccurring political shocks disrupting bilateral relations at regular intervals and continues to exist up to the present day.
However, Japan and China have always maintained strong economic relations during this time, which is why their relationship has frequently been characterized as „politically cold, economically hot“.
The question this dissertation will address is how reoccurring political shocks between Japan and China affect the bilateral economic relationship. Its main focus will be on the effects on Japanese-Chinese trade and FDI.
In addition, I will have a closer look at the way these shocks influence people-to-people exchange, focusing on summitry and tourism, which make an important contribution to bilateral economic relations.
A key aspect will be to identify whether the economic impact of such shocks has short-term or long-term effects.
During my stay at the DIJ I intend to visit relevant libraries and archives and discuss the topics with Japanese experts.