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Shizuka Jäger-Dresen

Shizuka Jäger-Dresen

Shizuka Jäger-Dresen
(PhD Students, December 1, 2009 - May 31, 2010)
  • Sociology of work and labor markets
  • Subject oriented sociology
  • Modernization theory
  • Work society, labor, new working styles
  • Structural change in the social constitution of professional labor power
  • HRM


Dissertation project

Working title: From the salaryman to an entrepreneurial self? A work sociological analysis of individual contractors in Japan.

In Japan, flexible knowledge-based work in the form of highly professional solo self-employed is a comparatively new style of labor, which is expanding in the corporation-oriented service sector. The objective of this research project is to examine this working style regarding it’s “functioning” and it’s significance within the overall transformation of Japan’s work society. For this purpose, the dissertation analyzes 1) the cause of emergence, 2) the objective labor structure as well as 3) subjective orientations and individual work-life strategies of individual contractors in Japan. Methodically, this project is based on secondary analytical and qualitative empirical research. The results are discussed with regard to sociological concepts of “delimitation and subjectivization of work”.