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1990, ISBN 3-89129-391-7, € 34,00, iudicium Verlag, Munich, 296 p., hardcover [Order]


Ölschleger, Hans Dieter
Stalph, Jürgen

Japanbezogene Bibliographien in europäischen Sprachen. Eine Bibliographie (Bibliographies on Japan in European Languages. A Bibliography)

 The volume […] is a bibliography of bibliographies of Western-language material relating to Japan. […] It is an indispensable guide to catalogues, lists, and bibliographies of books, articles and other material in all European languages, including Russian, Polish and Hungarian […] It is difficult to do justice in a review to the sheer usefulness of this book: suffice it to say that the subject-matter of the 1,777 bibliographies listed ranges widely from the Japanese military administration in Indonesia (item 1693) and Japanese law (item 1688) to arms and armour (160) and the works of the distinguished Buddhologist Heinrich Dumoulin (1694). Students writing dissertations will find it an invaluable guide to sources of further information and so will many scholars: clearly no librarian devoted to Japanese studies should be without it.
(P. F. Kornicki, Japan Forum) 3 indices: names, titles, subjects.