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February 5, 2021

Free access to highlight article from Asian Business & Management

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An article co-authored by DIJ director Franz Waldenberger was selected by Palgrave Macmillan and the editorial team of the Asian Business & Management journal as best content and can now be accessed for free. The original article “The distinctiveness and diversity of entrepreneurial ecosystems in China, Japan, and South Korea: an exploratory analysis” by DIJ alumni Martin Hemmert and Florian Kohlbacher, Adam R. Cross, Ying Cheng, Jae‑Jin Kim, Masahiro Kotosaka, Franz Waldenberger, and Leven J. Zheng studies five major ecosystems located in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Suzhou, and Chongqing. It focuses on the business conditions for information technology (IT) start-ups and reveals that these entrepreneurial ecosystems differ in various important aspects from leading Western counterparts, including in the growth and internationalization. It concludes that public policy should focus on supporting high-potential start-ups and strengthening the ecosystems’ global outreach. The article is an outcome of the DIJ research project Start-ups in Asia – the role of agglomerations and international linkages and can be accessed here.