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Event Series
September 30, 2021

Web Forum Series ‘DT’ session on Governance in the Digital Age

© Gerd Altmann

Kaori Hayashi (University of Tokyo), Melike Şahinol (OI Istanbul), and DIJ director Franz Waldenberger will be the speakers in the second session of our MWS Web Forum Series ‘The Digital Transformation’ on September 30. Their presentations will address the theme Governance in the Digital Age from different perspectives. Kaori Hayashi’s paper “Toward a Gender-Equal Society in the AI Era: A Distant Goal for Japan?” will introduce a new initiative that strives to create a more gender-equal media and information culture. In her presentation “Digital Cultures of Health”, Melike Şahinol will question how digital transformation in healthcare has led to empowerment (and for whom) and what new challenges have arisen as a result. Franz Waldenberger’s paper “Regulation in the context of dispersed and contested knowledge” will discuss how regulation strategies to cope with dispersed and contested knowledge are influenced by the new challenges and opportunities caused by the digital transformation. Details and registration here