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March 16, 2022

Celia Spoden gives online talk on cyber-physical spaces and avatar technologies

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In the “Moonshot Research and Development Program” launched in 2020, the Japanese Council for Science, Technology and Innovation formulated the goal of a society in which people will be free of physical, cognitive, spatial, and temporal limitations by 2050. Elderly or physically impaired people and people with obligations such as caring for children are to be enabled to function in the labour market, regardless of restrictions due to space and time or physical and mental abilities. For this purpose, so-called cybernetic avatars and a cloud-based infrastructure are to be developed. In her talk, DIJ social scientist Celia Spoden will discuss the Government’s vision of this future society where cyberspace and the physical world are to be merged into a perfectly connected, highly efficient, and inclusive society. She will also explore what these new technologies mean for living together. Celia’s online talk is part of the OAG’s lecture series and will take place on Wednesday, March 16 online in German. Details