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Event Series
March 24, 2022

Joint DIJ-DEA Web-Forum discusses future of digital money in Asia and Europe

Central banks around the world have intensified their efforts to design their own central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) as a reaction to the competitive dynamics by cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. China has launched trials of its e-CNY project which aims at providing an efficient retail payment system to preserve monetary sovereignty. Also the Bank of Japan is in the proof of concept stage of its own digital currency and the Japan Digital Currency Forum is working on a yen-based digital currency for Japan’s private sector. In this webinar, jointly hosted by the DIJ and the Digital Euro Association (DEA), Masaki Bessho (Bank of Japan), Oriol Caudevilla (DEA), Richard Turrin (Consultant), and Hiromi Yamaoka (Future Corporation) will discuss various initiatives in Asia to promote digital money, stablecoins, and CBDCs – and their lessons for Europe. The event will be moderated by DEA’s Jonas Gross and DIJ economist Markus Heckel. Details and registration here