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1. November 2018

Big Data – the new competitive paradigm. How well is Japan prepared?

Big data will be at the heart of the digital revolution. Social networks, factories, supply chains, digital market places, “shared economy” platforms, medical devices, wearables, smart homes, seismic instruments, weather stations and GPS satellites – in the digitalized and connected world data have become abundant. Rapidly developing tools to integrate and analyze large volumes of diverse datasets in ever faster and intelligent ways open up enormous potentials for research, private enterprises and public policy.

Our half-day workshop explores how Japan is building the infrastructures to efficiently and responsibly gather, integrate, analyze, use and trade data. The workshop is organized around three panels. Each panel will consist of four speakers. They will start with short presentations by Japanese speaker with backgrounds in research, business and policy followed by an international perspective or general comment. A moderator will introduce and guide the speakers and coordinate the discussions.