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Sustainable Consumption

 seit November 2022

Private consumption accounts for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions and effects in other environmental impact categories. Private consumption is influenced by factors pertaining to consumers, like values and attitudes. It is further influenced by their social environment, e.g. through norms. But it is also influenced by the kinds of products and services companies offer and how they conduct their marketing. While there is consumer research looking at sustainable consumption practices by young people in Japan, there is a research gap on the company side. In other words, the marketing strategies of companies with regards to sustainable consumption by young people in Japan and the underlying views companies have regarding young people are under-researched. Therefore, this study aims at understanding the company side. This will help to reveal the kinds of barriers that prevent companies from marketing sustainable products and services in Japan and will also aid in identifying initial ideas about how to overcome these barriers. This research project is partly conducted together with the University of Nuertingen-Geislingen, the Goethe University Frankfurt and the Waseda University.