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DIJ – German Institute for Japanese Studies, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and the IIC – Industrial Investment Council

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The symposium will be held with similtaneous translation in English and Japanese.
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Recent Developments in the Automotive Supplier Industry in Japan and the EU

December 10 - December 31, 1969

 Globalization in the automotive industry has led to consolidation and changes in the value chain, leaving only two independent carmakers left in Japan and three in Germany. OEMs now focus on a limited number of key suppliers, reflecting consolidation in the supplier sector. Relocation of production to low-cost countries is on the agenda as firms restructure their business model – but can this guarantee future success?
Product characteristics and production processes must be considered when evaluating a move to a low-cost location that may lack the specialized knowledge needed for today’s highly automated production. Automotive clusters in highly developed countries may still be the better choice for establishing new production facilities.
The symposium will examine recent developments in the automotive supplier industry in Japan and Europe – mainly Germany – comparing strategies and policies, and commonalities and differences to challenges the industry faces in both regions.


12:45 - 13:20
Welcome and Keynote Speech


Organizers + Sponsors

Keynote speech: Changes in the Automotive Value Chain – a new role for suppliers?
- Slides

Mr. Tetsuo Kitani, McKinsey&Company

13:25 - 15:05
Session 1 - "Changes in OEM Purchase Policy"


Dr. Jochen Legewie, CNC – Communications & Network Consulting Japan KK

Changes in OEM Purchasing Policy in Japan: Some Suggestions from an International Comparison of Financial Data
- Slides

Prof. Dr. Katsuki Aoki, Kantogakuin University

Developments in the European Automotive Industry - Requirements and Challenges for OEMs and Suppliers
- Slides

Dr. Jürgen Bischoff, Fraunhofer IPA

Changes in the Japanese Market – a Foreign Firm’s View
- Slides

Mr. Richard KRACKLAUER, Sachs Automotive Japan

15:10 - 16:50
Session 2 - "Hollowing-Out: Threats for the Local Suppliers?"


Dr. Fabrizio Mura, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

Continuous Process Innovation in Japanese Auto Parts Manufacturing: Implications for Hollowing-Out in Japan
- Slides

Prof. Dr. Shoichiro Sei, Kantogakuin University

The Automotive Industry Shift to Eastern Europe and China: Dim Prospects for Germany?
- Slides

Mr. Hideaki Kawamura, Ernst & Young, Ltd.

Production Re-location: Trends in Europe
- Slides

Prof. Dr. Sumiaki FURUKAWA, Yamaguchi University

16:50 - 17:10
Coffee break and Networking

17:10 - 18:50
Session 3 - "Industry Clusters – A New Productivity Model?"

Automotive Clusters in Japan – the Aichi Region
- Slides

Prof. Dr. Masaaki Tsuji, Osaka University

Automotive Clusters in Germany – tasks for SMEs
- Slides

Prof. Dr. Heinz Jürgen Klepzig, Augsburg University of Applied Science

The Eastern German Automotive Cluster – A Japanese Supplier Perspective
- Slides

Mr. Gert Herrmann, formerly Takata-Petri AG

18:50 - 20:00
Wrap-up and Reception


Andreas Moerke

German Institute for Japanese Studies


Doors Open