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Research Overview

Our research focuses on modern Japan in a global context. We decide our research agenda independently, with the support of our Academic Advisory Council. Our portfolio of research projects reflects the disciplinary background and interests of our senior researchers and changes together with the composition of our team.

Our research programme Risks and Opportunities – Japan's Challenges in the Face of an Increasingly Uncertain Future is implemented through four institute-wide research foci studying the Future of Local Communities, Digital Transformation in Japan, Japan in Transregional Perspective, and Methods and Methodologies. Special projects on the Tokyo Olympics and on the impact of COVID-19 as well as various individual projects conducted outside of the four research foci complement the programme.

The DIJ collaborates in many research projects with research institutes and scholars throughout the world. Larger, longer-term research schemes include Borders, Mobility and New Infrastructures, Interaction and Knowledge in the Pacific Region: Entanglements and Disentanglements, and ACCESS - Supporting digital literacy and appropriation of ICT by senior citizens.