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Deutschland und Japan: Mit Reformen zu neuer Dynamik (Germany and Japan: With Reforms to New Dynamics)


2003, ISBN 3-602-14633-2, € 18,90, Deutscher Instituts-Verlag, Cologne, 200 pp. [Order]


Conrad, Harald
Kroker, Ralf

Deutschland und Japan: Mit Reformen zu neuer Dynamik (Germany and Japan: With Reforms to New Dynamics)

Deutschland und Japan: Mit Reformen zu neuer Dynamik (Germany and Japan: With Reforms to New Dynamics)

For almost a decade both Japan and Germany have been experiencing persistent low levels of economic growth. The diagnosis is clear: Japan and Germany are stuck in their impetus for reform. What reforms are necessary to return to a stable growth path? This question was the focal point of a joint symposium of the DIJ and the Cologne Institute for Business Research (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln, IW), which was held on April 8, 2003, in memory of Horst Waesche, a long-time member of the board of Hoechst and Aventis and a former member of the DIJ’s advisory board, who died suddenly in March 2002.

The book contains the highly up-to-date papers of this symposium, focusing on four areas (mergers and acquisitions, social security, labor market policy and business financing), which are of special importance with regard to the ongoing reform discussions in both countries.


Pascha, Werner
Unternehmensfinanzierung in Japan zwischen Kreditklemme und Strukturwandel (Business Financing in Japan between Credit Crunch and Structural Change)
pp, 142-179

Lichtblau, Karl
Unternehmensfinanzierung - die deutsche Perspektive (Business Financing - a German Perspective)
pp. 180-193

Fels, Gerhard
Schlusswort (Final Remarks)
pp. 195-196

Ortseifen, Stefan
Grußwort (Greetings)
pp. 7-10

Conrad, Harald
Einleitung (Introduction)
pp. 11-12

Frühauf, Martin
Würdigung des Japan-Engagements von Horst Waesche (Horst Waesche's Engagement in Japan)
pp. 13-23

Fels, Gerhard
Deutschland und Japan: Vereint in der Unfähigkeit zu Reformen? (Germany and Japan: United in Their Inability to Reform?)
pp. 24-30

Moerke, Andreas
M&A in Japan - eine Bestandsaufnahme (M&A in Japan - an Overview)
pp. 31-55

Schatz, Klaus-Werner
Unternehmenskooperationen und Fusionen - die deutsche Perspektive (M&A in Germany)
pp. 56-68

Conrad, Harald
Japans soziale Sicherungssysteme im Wandel - Im Spannungsfeld von partiellen Korrekturen und strukturellen Reformen (Japan's Social Security System between Partial Corrections and Fundamental Reform)
pp. 69-91

Pimpertz, Jochen
Soziale Sicherung - die deutsche Perspektive (Social Security - a German Perspective)
pp. 92-102

Waldenberger, Franz
Japans Arbeitsmarktlage und Arbeitsmarktpolitik aus deutscher Sicht (Japan's Labor Market and Labor Market Policy from a German Perspective)
pp. 103-128

Schäfer, Holger
Mit Reformen zu neuer Dynamik: Arbeitsmarktpolitik - die deutsche Sicht (With Reforms to New Dynamics: Labor Market Policy - a German Perspective)
pp. 129-141