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DIJ Publications


Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 34, No. 1


Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 33, No. 2

Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 33, No. 1


Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 32, No. 2

Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 32, No. 1


Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 31, No. 2

Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 31, No. 1

Asian Business & Management, 2019 (18, 3)


Eichelberg, Sven; Holthus, Barbara
30 Years Interdisciplinary Research on Site. 1988 - 2018

Weber, Torsten
Embracing ‘Asia’ in China and Japan. Asianism Discourse and the Contest for Hegemony, 1912-1933 (Palgrave Macmillan Transnational History Series)


Contemporary Japan 27, Nr. 1, Body Concepts: Changing Discourses of the Body in Contemporary Japanese Society


Coulmas, Florian
Tokio. Vom Glück urbanen Lebens

Coulmas, Florian
文字の言語学。現代文字論入門 [Writing Systems: An introduction to their linguistic analysis]. Saito Shinji (Translator)

Proceedings. Well-being in Ageing Societies: Perspectives from China, Germany and Japan


Peter Backhaus
国際結婚家族のお受験体験記 [A bicultural family’s experience with doing juken]

Coulmas, Florian
Sociolinguistics. The Study of Speakers' Choices. Second Edition

Coulmas, Florian
Writing and Society. An Introduction

Iwata-Weickgenannt, Kristina; Tanaka, Hiromi; Godzik, Maren
Beyond a Standardized Life Course. Biographical Choices about Work, Family and Housing in Japan and Germany


Klien, Susanne; Hommerich, Carola
International Journal of Wellbeing 2 (4). Special Issue: Happiness: Does Culture Matter?

Coulmas, Florian
International Journal of the Sociology of Language 218. Language Identification Reconsidered


Coulmas, Florian; Stalpers, Judith
Fukushima. Vom Erdbeben zur atomaren Katastrophe

Klein, Axel; Winkler, Chris
Analyse politischer Systeme: Japan

Backhaus, Peter
Communication in Elderly Care. Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Lützeler, Ralph; Coulmas, Florian
Imploding Populations in Japan and Germany

Coulmas, Florian; Stalpers, Judith
Die 101 wichtigsten Fragen: Japan


Coulmas, Florian
Hiroshima. Geschichte und Nachgeschichte

Kohlbacher, Florian; Gudorf, Pascal; Herstatt, Cornelius
Silver Business in Japan: Implications of Demographic Change for Human Resource Management and Marketing


Holthus, Barbara
Paarbeziehungen in japanischen Frauenzeitschriften seit 1970: Medien und Geschlecht in Japan

Backhaus, Peter; Coulmas, Florian
International Journal of the Sociology of Language 200. Social Aging and Language

Stalph, Jürgen; Hijiya-Kirschnereit, Irmela; Schlecht, Wolfgang; Ueda, Kōji
Großes japanisch-deutsches Wörterbuch. Wadokudaijiten. Band 1: A–I

Coulmas, Florian
International Journal of the Sociology of Language 199. Multilingualism and Language Politics: New Challenges

Coulmas, Florian
Die Illusion vom Glück. Japan und der Westen (The Illusion of Happiness. Japan and the West)

Backhaus, Peter; Coulmas, Florian; Shōji, Hiroshi
Nihon no gengo keikan (Japan’s linguistic landscape)


Schad-Seifert, Annette; Conrad, Harald; Vogt, Gabriele; Coulmas, Florian
The Demographic Challenge: A Handbook about Japan


Coulmas, Florian
Die Gesellschaft Japans. Arbeit, Familie und demographische Krise

Harmer, Claus; Koch, Matthias; Coulmas, Florian
Trilingual Glossary of Demographic Terminology: English-Japanese-German, Japanese-English-German, German-Japanese-English.『三か国語対照人口学用語集 英日独・日英独・独日英』Dreisprachiges Glossar der Demographie: Englisch-Japanisch-Deutsch, Japanisch-Englisch-Deutsch, Deutsch-Japanisch-Englisch

Coulmas, Florian
Population Decline and Ageing in Japan - The Social Consequences

Ogoura, Kazuo
Japan's Postwar Cultural Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange Policies

Backhaus, Peter
Linguistic Landscapes: A Comparative Study of Urban Multilingualism in Tokyo

Coulmas, Florian
Language Regimes in Transformation

Saaler, Sven; Koschmann, J. Victor
Pan-Asianism in Modern Japanese History

Ducke, Isa
Civil Society and the Internet in Japan


Moerke, Andreas; Walke, Anja
Japans Zukunftsindustrien


Haak, René; Pudelko, Markus
Japanese Management. The Search for a New Balance between Continuity and Change

Haak, René; Bellmann, Klaus
Management in Japan – Herausforderungen und Erfolgsfaktoren für deutsche Unternehmen in einer dynamischen Umwelt (Management in Japan – Challenges and Success Factors for German Companies in a dynamic Environment)

Coulmas, Florian
Sociolinguistics. The Study of speakers' choices

Coulmas, Florian
Hiroshima. Geschichte und Nachgeschichte (Hiroshima, history and aftermath)


Haak, René
Theory and Management of Collective Strategies in International Business: The Impact of Globalization on Japanese-German Business Collaboration in Asia


Conrad, Harald; Kroker, Ralf
Deutschland und Japan: Mit Reformen zu neuer Dynamik (Germany and Japan: With Reforms to New Dynamics)