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The Demographic Challenge: A Handbook about Japan


2008, ISBN 978-90-04-15477-3, € 199.00 / US$ 295.00, Brill, Leiden, Boston, 1199 S. [Order]


Schad-Seifert, Annette
Conrad, Harald
Vogt, Gabriele
Coulmas, Florian


Matanle, Peter
The Demographic Challenge: A Handbook about Japan Book reviews, Japan Forum, 21: 3
pp. 439-441

Rynn, M. Y.
The Demographic Challenge: A Handbook about Japan Choice Reviews Online

The Demographic Challenge: A Handbook about Japan Population and Development Review, Volume 34, Number 4, December 2008
pp. 792-793

The Demographic Challenge: A Handbook about Japan

The Demographic Challenge: A Handbook about Japan

This Handbook explores the challenges demographic change poses to today’s Japan. The first part provides the fundamental data involved, and the subsequent two parts address the social and cultural aspects of Japan’s demographic change. Parts four and five are dedicated to the political, economic and social security aspects of demographic change.

The Handbook brings together a group of international scholars of various disciplinary backgrounds to take issue with the world’s fastest demographic transition. Topics include the dynamics of gender roles, images of age, policy
formation, labour market structures, pension system, living arrangements, ethical values, and many more. Against the background of Japan’s demographic change, the latest developments in these fields are being introduced, and whenever appropriate set into a context of historical and/or international comparison. This Handbook is the first comprehensive publication in English on Japan’s demographic change.


pp. 121-123

Sekizawa, Hidehiko
The Impact of the Ageing Society on Consumer Behaviour and Consumer Markets
pp. 999-1016

Moerke, Andreas
The Ageing Society and Reactions of the Automobile Industry - a Case Study
pp. 1017-1032

Peng, Ito
Ageing and the Social Security System
pp. 1003-1047

Ikegami, Naoki
Providing Care for the Ageing Society
pp. 1049-1064

Arai, Makoto
Guardianship for Adults
pp. 1065-1076

Fukawa, Tetsuo
The Public Health-Care System - a Financial Perspective
pp. 1077-1095

Oshio, Takashi
The Public Pension System and the Ageing Society
pp. 1097-1113

Takayama, Noriyuki
The Search for More Equitable Pensions Between Generations
pp. 1115-1134

Kubo, Tomoyuki
The Restructuring of the Corporate Pension System
pp. 1135-1150

List of contributors
pp. 1151-1153

List of authors cited
pp. 1155-1168

Index of subjects
pp. 1169-1199

Campbell, John Creighton
Politics of Old-Age Policy-Making
pp. 653-665

Talcott, Paul
Political Parties in an Ageing Society
pp. 667-688

Potter, David M.
Civil Society Roles in Elderly Care: A Non-profit Organization Census
pp. 689-706

Pekkanen, Robert; Tsujinaka, Yutaka
Neighbourhood Associations and the Demographic Challenge
pp. 707-720

"Induced" Voluntarism: A New Role for Schools?
pp. 721-732

Kreitz-Sandberg, Susanne
Educational Policy: Framework and Challenges
pp. 733-748

Coleman, Liv
Family Policy: Framework and Challenges
pp. 749-763

Roberts, Glenda S.
Immigration Policy: Framework and Challenges
pp. 765-779

Feldhoff, Thomas
Infrastructural Policy: Framework and Challenges
pp. 781-797

Maclachlan, Patricia L.
Postal Privatization and its Implications for the Ageing Society
pp. 799-814

pp. 817-820

Ogawa, Naohiro
Population Ageing and Economic Growth: The Role of Two Demographic Dividends in Japan
pp. 821-839

Kawase, Akihiro; Ogura, Seiritsu
Macroeconomic Impact and Public Finance Perspectives of the Ageing Society
pp. 841-859

Horioka, Charles Yuji
A Survey of Household Saving Behaviour
pp. 879-897

Ohtake, Fumio
The Ageing Society and Economic Inequality
pp. 899-919

Fukawa, Hisashi
Poverty Among the Elderly
pp. 921-931

Yashiro, Naohiro
Economic Factors in the Declining Birth Rate
pp. 933-945

Meyer-Ohle, Hendrik
Labour Market and Labour Market Policies for the Ageing Society
pp. 947-962

Shire, Karen A.
Gender Dimensions of the Ageing Workforce
pp. 963-978

Conrad, Harald
Human Resource Management Practices and the Ageing Workforce
pp. 979-997

pp. 319-322

Formanek, Susanne
Traditional Concepts and Images of Old Age in Japan
pp. 323-343

Sekizawa, Mayumi
Notions of Life, Old Age and Death in Ageing Japan
pp. 345-359

Thompson, Christopher S.
Population Decline, Municipal Amalgamation, and the Politics of Folk Performance Preservation in Northeast Japan
pp. 361-386

Traphagan, John W.
Ancestors, Burial Rites, and Rural Depopulation in Japan
pp. 387-396

Ishii, Kenji
Religion in Post-World War IIJapan and Social Ageing
pp. 397-416

Martin, Craig
Coming of Age: The Courts and Equality Rights in Japan's Ageing Society

Backhaus, Peter
Coming to Terms with Age: Some Linguistic Consequences of Population Ageing
pp. 455-471

Inoue, Fumio
Population Ageing and Language Change
pp. 473-490

Gebhardt, Lisette
Age and Ageing in Contemporary Japanese Literature
pp. 491-511

Shiraishi, Nobuko
Media Use in the Ageing Society
pp. 513-530

Iwao, Sumiko
Gendered Age
pp. 531-545

Goodman, Roger
Education in the Aged Society: The Demographic Challenge to Japanese Education
pp. 547-560

Shintani, Takanori
Ageing Japan and the Transmission of Traditional Skills and Know-How
pp. 561-569

Satofuka, Fumihiko
Age-specific Technology: A Demographic Challenge for Design
pp. 571-578

Funck, Carolin
Ageing Tourists, Ageing Destinations: Tourism and Demographic Change in Japan
pp. 579-598

Clammer, John
pp. 599-611

Manzenreiter, Wolfram
Sports and Demographic Change in Japan
pp. 613-632

pp. 635-637

Schoppa, Leonard
Demographics and the State
pp. 639-652

pp. 3-4

Atoh, Makoto
Japan's Population Growth during the Past 100 Years
pp. 5-24

Ölschleger, Hans Dieter
Fertility and Mortality
pp. 25-40

Kaneko, Ryuichi
Statistical Foundations of Population Projections
pp. 41-59

Lützeler, Ralph
Regional Demographics
pp. 61-79

Kono, Shigemi
Demographic Comparisons with Other Countries with the Emphasis on the More Developed Regions
pp. 81-95

Koch, Matthias
History of Demography in Japan
pp. 97-117

Linhart, Sepp
Social Ageing and the Sociology of Ageing
pp. 125-143

Ogawa, Takeo
Changing Social Concepts of Age: Towards the Active Senior Citizen

Usui, Chikako
Ageing Society and the Transformation of Work in the Post-Fordist Economy
pp. 163-178

Thang, Leng Leng
Engaging the Generations: Age-Integrated Facilities
pp. 179-199

Long, Susan Orpett
Social Change and Caregiving of the Elderly
pp. 201-215

Shirahase, Sawako
Income Inequality in the Ageing Society
pp. 217-233

Himeoka, Toshiko
Changes in Family Structure
pp. 235-253

Raymo, James M.; Iwasawa, Miho
Changing Family Life Cycle and Partnership. Transition-Gender Roles and Marriage Patterns
pp. 255-276

Oishi, Akiko S.
Child Care in a Low Birth Society
pp. 277-292

Murphy-Shigematsu, Stephen; Willis, David Blake
Transcultural Society
pp. 293-315

Elis, Volker
The Impact of the Ageing Society on Regional Economies
pp. 861-877

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