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European Studies on Ainu Language and Culture


1993, ISBN 3-89129-486-7, € 50,00, iudicium Verlag, Munich, 324 pp., hardcover [Order]


Kreiner, Josef

European Studies on Ainu Language and Culture

European Studies on Ainu Language and Culture

Research on Ainu culture has played an extraordinary part in the formation of a theoretical context of Japanese studies in Europe, and especially in Germany. The International Year for Indigenous Peoples has once more given prominence to the Ainu, today a largely assimilated northern Japanese people of hunters and gatherers. The large number of Japanese as well as international research projects calls for a synopsis of the current level of European research as presented at a convention in Bonn in 1987. This volume considers contemporary Ainu studies from a variety of perspectives, offers a historical survey of Ainu studies and the development of the European perception of the Ainu (J. Kreiner), and contains contributions on linguistics (F. Vos, H. A. Dettmer, K. Refsing), the history of ethnological research (A. F. Majewicz, K. Katō, H. D. Ölschleger), the establishment of ethnographical collections (J. Wilkinson, K. Teague, P. Thiele, W. Warthol, A. B. Spevakovski), and pictorial descriptions of Ainu culture (G. Prunner, T. Sasaki). The appendix contains detailed surveys of the history and scope of Ainu collections in European, North American and Japanese museums and thus constitutes an authoritative source for the further study of a topic whose relevance cannot be overestimated.


Warthol, Walter
Ainu Collections at the Museum of Ethnology (Museum für Völkerkunde), Wien
pp. 193-205

Spevakovski, Alexander B.
Ainu Collections in the Museums of St. Petersburg
pp. 207-214

Sasaki, Toshikazu
On Ainu-e: Pictorial Descriptions of Ainu Life and Customs
pp. 217-227

Prunner, Gernot
The Ainu Scroll in the Museum of Ethnography, Hamburg
pp. 229-268

Kreiner, Josef
Ainu Collections in European Museums
pp. 271-300

Kotani, Yoshinobu
Preliminary Notes on Ainu Materials in North American Museums
pp. 301-306

Kreiner, Josef
Ainu Collections in Japanese Museums
pp. 307-314

Matsue, Mariko
Catalogues of Exhibitions and Holdings of Ainu Culture in Japanese Museums. Ainu kankei zuroku/mokuroku ichiran
pp. 315-319

Vos, Frits
Philipp Franz von Siebold and the Ainu Language
pp. 63-80

Dettmer, Hans A.
Einige Bemerkungen zur Grammatik der Ainu - Zu den Anfängen der wissenschaftlichen Beschäftigung mit der Ainu Sprache
pp. 81-89

Refsing, Kirsten
The Ainu Concept of Time as Expressed Through Language
pp. 91- 101

Katō, Kyūzō
Dawn of Russian Ethnology - Researchers and Convicts Around Bronislaw Pilsudski
pp. 105-125

Majewicz, Alfred F.
On Poles Collecting Data related to the Anthropology and Material Culture of the Ainu
pp. 127-136

Ölschleger, Hans Dieter
John Batchelor's Contributions to Ainu Ethnography
pp. 137-150

Wilkinson, Jane
A Scottish Doctor's Vocation: Gordon Munro and the Ainu Collections at the National Museums of Scotland
pp. 153-166

Teague, Ken
The Ainu Collection at the Horniman Museum and Library, London
pp. 167-180

Thiele, Peter
Ainu Collections at the Linden-Museum, Stuttgart
pp. 181-192

Kreiner, Josef
European Images of the Ainu and Ainu Studies in Europe
pp. 13-60