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September 22, 2022

DIJ Method Talk on Delphi Survey, Technology, and Unpaid Domestic Work

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The future of work has emerged as a prominent topic for research and policy debate. In this session of the DIJ Method Talk series, Lulu Shi and Nobuko Nagase will discuss and present results from their Delphi survey to predict how technology may transform unpaid domestic work. On average, 65 AI experts from the UK and Japan predicted that 39 percent of the time spent on 17 housework and care work tasks will be automatable within ten years. The survey provides the first quantitative estimates concerning the future of unpaid work and demonstrates how such predictions are socially contingent, with implications to forecasting methodology. It also investigates how willingness to use smart technologies varies across gender, household income, time pressure, type of domestic work, and its price. Details and registration here

Lulu Shi, Oxford University and Nobuko Nagase, Ochanomizu University