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Contested Historiography – Feminist Perspectives on World War II (Herausforderung der Geschichte – Der 2. Weltkrieg aus der Sicht feministischer Geschichtsschreibung)

13. April - 14. April 2000



Tag 1         13. April (Donnerstag)

Opening Greetings

Introduction to the Symposium

Panel 1: Feminist Discourses on Gender, Nation, and War

Gender, nation, and war in Germany and Japan: Changes in Feminist Discourses

Ilse Lenz (Univ. Bochum)

Re-narrating Memory

Ueno, Chizuko (Univ. of Tōkyō)

16:10 - 17:30
Panel 3: Gendered Violence

Approaches to the issue of Japan's military sexual slavery system - the paradigm change from 'victim' to 'aggressor'

Suzuki Yūko (The Academic Society for „Women, War, and Human Rights“)

Women's history and the paradigm of sexual violence

Fujime, Yuki (Ōsaka University of Foreign Languages)

Discussion and Final Discussion of Day 1

Tag 2         14. April (Freitag)

Panel 4: Mobilization and the Issue of Womens's Agency

Mobilizing Women for Total War II in Germany and Japan

Claudia Koonz (Duke University)

Women of the 'homefront': Japan's National Defense Women's Association

Kanō, Mikiyo

"Masters of the Future": Women in the Nazi SS-Corps

Gudrun Schwarz (Hamburg Institute for Social Research)

Panel 5: History and Narrative: Exploring New Forms in Feminist Historical Studies

Vergangenheitsbewältigung and new political perspectives - Social Democratic female parlamentarians after 1945

Gisela Notz (Friedrich Ebert Foundation)

Biography of a pacifist: The life and thought of Kōra Tomi

Kōra, Rumiko

Panel 6: Herstory - Remembrance, Responsibility, and Reconciliation

Public memory vs. personal history: Interviewing former

Nakahara, Michiko (Waseda Univ.)

Japan's military sexual slavery system and the responsibility of the Japanese women's movement. The aims of the Women's International War Crimes Tribunal

Matsui, Yayori (VAWW-NET Japan)

Closing Remarks

Tag 1         13. April (Donnerstag)

14:00 - 15:50
Panel 2: Feminism, Nationalism, Post-Colonialism

Who tells the story? Race, class, and gender in history and historiography

Kim Puja (Ochanomizu Univ.)

The pitfalls of Japanese Historical Revisionism

Ōgoshi Aiko (Kinki University)

Verwandte Forschungsprojekte

Japan in Asien