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26. Februar 2021

DIJ research presentation at ISA Forum of Sociology

© N. Kottmann

DIJ senior research fellow Nora Kottmann presented her paper „‚We Are All One Extended Family in This House!‘ Shifting Boundaries of Housing and ‘(Post)Familial’ Relationships in Japan“ at the virtual IV ISA Forum of Sociology on February 26, 2021. Her presentation was part of the panel „From the Changing Idea of ‚the Family‘ to a Shifting Notion of Home?“ which examined practices of doing family and home with foci on the temporal, spatial, material, and affective aspects of everyday life. Based on qualitative data from an ongoing field study in Tokyo, Nora’s paper addressed the interrelation of housing and ‘(post)familial’ relationships and the perception of dwelling spaces with regard to understandings of ‘family’. Her findings reveal that housing is highly interrelated with various ‘(post)familial’ relationships and that ‘new’ spaces are actively created and done by people living ‘new’ or rather unconventional relationships. Nora’s presentation was part of her ongoing research project on Spatial Perspectives on Personal Relationships in Contemporary Japan.