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19. Januar 2023

Barbara Holthus to give online talk on Pets in Pandemic Japan

Slide © Barbara Holthus

For almost three years, anti-Covid measures in Japan have told people to engage in physical distancing and „self-restraint“. During this time pets as „substitute“ family members have gained added interest in order to fill the void in human-human interaction. In this presentation, DIJ deputy director Barbara Holthus will focus on the accelerated interest in pets and accompanying normative changes regarding pet ownership within Japanese society. Through interviews with pet owners and shelter organizations, as well as participant observation in pet shops, pet cafes, and at adoption fairs this presentation will highlight the changing role of pets in Japanese society and the particular role of the pandemic. Barbara’s talk „Pets in Pandemic Japan“ is hosted by the University of Tokyo’s Center for Contemporary Japanese Studies and takes place online on Thursday, January 19, 9-10 am JST. Registration here