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"Comparatively Happy" – Objective precarity and perception of social exclusion in Germany and Japan: Discussion of the German and Japanese Questionnaire

19. Mai 2009

The aim of this non-public workshop was to discuss the German and Japanese versions of the questionnaire which will be used in our national surveys on objective precarity and subjective perception of social exclusion in both countries. The invited experts gave valuable criticism and comments based on which the questionnaire can be finalized in order to go into field later this year.

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  1. Prof. Heinz Bude (Kassel University)
  2. Prof. Ernst-Dieter Lantermann (Kassel University)
  3. Prof. Hiroshi Ishida (Tokyo University)
  4. Prof. Seiko Yamazaki (Dentsu Institute for Human Studies)
  5. Prof. Yoshimichi Sato (Tohoku University, Sendai)
  6. Prof. Ryozo Yoshino (Institute for Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo)
  7. Prof. Ulrich Möhwald (Chubu University)
  8. Prof. Florian Coulmas (Director of the DIJ)
  9. Dr. Carola Hommerich (DIJ)



Welcoming address

Florian Coulmas

Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien

13.45 -14.15h
Introduction to the project

Heinz Bude, University of Kassel, Ernst-Dieter Lantermann, University of Kassel

Discussion of the questionnaire: problem questions

Carola Hommerich

Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien

Coffee break

Discussion of the questionnaire: intercultural and methodological problems

Carola Hommerich

Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien

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