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2020年1月 ~



The Digital Transformation of Science




Recent Publications

Kümmerle, Harald (2023). On the relation between Japan’s COVID-19 response and the National Data Strategy. LINK
Kümmerle, Harald (2023). "More Than a Certification Scheme: Information Banks in Japan Under Changing Norms of Data Usage". In: Khare, Anshuman & Baber, William W. (Eds.), Adopting and Adapting Innovation in Japan's Digital Transformation (pp. 193-211). Springer Nature. (Economics, Law, and Institutions in Asia Pacific). LINK
Kümmerle, Harald (2023). "多様性の不足こそが可能にする方法論的貢献 (Methodological contributions that are made possible especially through a lack of diversity)". In: 第26回国際科学史技術史医学史大会報告集 (Collection of reports on the 26th International Congress for the History of Science and Technology) (pp. 44-45). 日本学術会議史学委員会 (Commission for History in the Science Council of Japan).
Kümmerle, Harald (2022). "Catchword LINE mondai". DIJ Newsletter, 68. LINK
Kümmerle, Harald (2022). Japans digitale Transformation: Vorreiter, Nachzügler und Partner. LINK
Kümmerle, Harald (2022). "近代日本の数学の発展と当時の大学の制度: 教授職就任につながる「知識生産」[The development of mathematics in modern Japan and the university system at that time: The "knowledge production" connected to assuming a professorship]". 日本語と日本語教育 [Japanese language and Japanese language education], 50.
Kümmerle, Harald (2022). "Japanese data strategies, global surveillance capitalism, and the “LINE problem”". Matter: Journal of New Materialist Research, Vol. 3, No. 1 (pp. 134-159). LINK
Kümmerle, Harald (2021). "博士論文「明治・大正時代の日本における数学の科学として の制度化」:その成果と新たな問題提起 [Doctoral thesis on the Institutionalization of mathematics as a science in Meiji- and Taishō-era Japan: Results and proposition of new problems]". RIMS Kôkyûroku Bessatsu, B85 (pp. 143-153).
Kümmerle, Harald & Waldenberger, Franz (2020). "Introduction". In: Kümmerle, Harald & Waldenberger, Franz (Eds.), The Digital Transformation – Implications for the Social Sciences and the Humanities (pp. 7-9). DIJ. (DIJ Miscellanea).
Kümmerle, Harald (2020). "Postscript: Comparative and historical perspectives on the digital transformation". In: Kümmerle, Harald & Waldenberger, Franz (Eds.), The Digital Transformation – Implications for the Social Sciences and the Humanities (pp. 81-84). DIJ. (DIJ Miscellanea).
Kümmerle, Harald (2020). "Digitale Transformation in Japan: Diskurs- analyse anhand des Datenbegriffs". DIJ Newsletter, 61. LINK
Kümmerle, Harald & Waldenberger, Franz (Eds.) (2020). The Digital Transformation. Implications for the Social Sciences and the Humanities. DIJ. LINK
Kümmerle, Harald (2020). "Nihon no sūgakushi to no en o ete – ōbei kenkyūsha kara no teian 日本の数学史との縁を得て-一欧米研究者からの提案一 [Connecting to the history of mathematics of Japan – a proposal by a European-American researcher]". Journal of history of mathematics, Japan, 234 (2019-8) (pp. 10-16).
Waldenberger, Franz & Kümmerle, Harald (2019). "Big Data und die Zukunft der Wissensproduktion". DIJ Newsletter, 60, Dezember 2019. LINK