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Selected lectures and events are available as audio files.
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Sheldon Garon, Princeton University, East Asian Studies
Why America Spends While Japan and Europe Save
Duration: 52:24 | 50 MB Listen 

Bruno Frey, Professor, University of Zurich, Department of Economics
Happiness: The View from Economics
Duration: 50:01 | 42 MB Listen 

Yukiko Uchida, Professor, Kyoto University, Kokoro Research Center
Happiness in Japan before and after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Duration: 57:28 | 52 MB Listen 

Franz Waldenberger, Professor, Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich
The Japanese Economy one Year after Fukushima
Duration: 58:36 | 53 MB Listen 

Martin Hemmert, Professor, Korea University Business School
Bridging the Cultural Divide: University-Industry Research Collaborations in Japan, the United States and Korea
Duration: 01:04:55 | 59 MB Listen 

Paul Midford, Norwegian University for Science and Technology Trondheim
Rethinking Japanese Public Opinion and Security: From LDP to DPJ Rule
Duration: 37:28 | 34 MB Listen 

Martin Schulz, Fujitsu Research Institute (FRI)
The Future of "Old" Industry in Japan: Hollowing Out, Growing with Asia, or Switching to Services?
Duration: 57:01 | 45 MB Listen 

Christoph Wulf, Free University Berlin / Shoko Suzuki, Kyoto University
What is a Happy Family? German and Japanese Case Studies
Duration: 49:30 | 55 MB Listen 

Professor Christine R. Yano, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Post-racial Obama in Japan? Struggles of Blood Ideology Amid Calls for Change
Duration: 43:43 | 39 MB Listen 

Yoshimichi Sato, Professor, Tohoku University, Sendai
Stability and Fluidization of the Social Stratification System in Contemporary Japan
Duration: 50:14 | 45 MB Listen 

Ulrike Schaede, Professor, University of California, San Diego
Choose and Focus – The Transformation of Japanese Business Strategies
Duration: 58:46 | 53 MB Listen 

John C. Campbell, Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo
Policy for the Elderly in Japan
Duration: 01:05:27 | 59 MB Listen 

Peter J. Katzenstein, Professor, Cornell University
Beyond Bush: Japan and Germany in the American Imperium
Duration: 57:56 | 52 MB Listen 

Alfons Deeken, Professor Emeritus, Sophia University
Evolving Japanese Perspectives on Death and Dying
Duration: 01:04:07 | 58 MB Listen 

Kensaku Yoshida, Professor, Sophia University
English in elementary schools? An overview of the issues
Duration: 01:09:46 | 63 MB Listen 

Patricia G. Steinhoff, Professor, University of Hawaii
Invisible Civil Society: The Effects of 1960s New Left Protests on Contemporary Japan
Duration: 48:59 | 44 MB Listen 

Christian Kirchner, Professor, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Comparative Corporate Governance
Duration: 47:30 | 43 MB Listen 

Satomi Kurosu, Professor, Reitaku University
The Tokugawa Mating Game: Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage in Historical Perspective
Duration: 48:49 | 44 MB Listen 

Professor Richard J. Samuels, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Japanese Grand Strategies: Past and Future
Duration: 01:00:43 | 55 MB Listen 

Klaus Vollmer, Professor, Munich University (LMU)
Images of Japanese society presented in the ‘New Civic Textbook’ by Tsukuru-kai. Solutions for demographic challenges and social change?
Duration: 44:38 | 40 MB Listen 

Ito Peng, Professor, University of Toronto
Postindustrial Pressures, Political Regime Shifts, and Social Policy Reform in Japan and South Korea
Duration: 52:52 | 48 MB Listen