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Recent Publications


Holthus, Barbara; Manzenreiter, Wolfram
Bullseye view: Developing a sociological method for studying happiness

Holthus, Barbara
Infrastructural Family Policy in Japan: Parental Evaluation

Kottmann, Nora
Dreaming of Being a Chef? The Overseas Mobility of Young Japanese Women and Their Employment in Düsseldorf's Japanese Foodscapes


Brucksch, Susanne; Schultz, Franziska
Ageing in Japan. Domestic Healthcare Technologies. A Qualitative Interview Study on Care Robots, Monitoring Sensor Systems, and ICT-based Telehealth Systems

Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 30, No. 2

Historisches Forum. Bd. 23

Eichelberg, Sven; Holthus, Barbara
30 Years Interdisciplinary Research on Site. 1988 - 2018

Söldner, Tobias; Bachmann, Julia
Bouncing Back After Failure: Perceived and Actual Similarity as a Coping Resource in Multinational Work Teams

Heinrich, Steffen
The Politics of Balancing Flexibility and Equality: A Comparison of Recent Equal Pay Reforms in Germany and Japan

Holthus, Barbara; Bertram, Hans (eds.)
  Parental well-being. Satisfaction with work, family life, and family policy in Germany and Japan

Wiemann, Anna
  Networks and Mobilization Processes: The Case of the Japanese Anti-Nuclear Movement after Fukushima

Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 30, No. 1


Eguchi, Takaaki; Waldenberger, Franz
Management Careers, Internal Control and Corporate Governance. Where Japan and Germany Differ

Manzenreiter, Wolfram
Virtual Special Issue. Rural Japan Revisited

Manzenreiter, Wolfram
Contemporary Japan 29, No. 2. Squared Diaspora: Representations of the Japanese diaspora across time and space

Heinrich, Steffen; Vogt, Gabriele
  Japan in der Ära Abe. Eine politikwissenschaftliche Analyse

Reiher, Cornelia; Yamaguchi, Tomiko
Contemporary Japan 29, No. 1

Waldenberger, Franz
Fully reserve backed money – a solution to Japan’s fiscal and monetary challenges

Saladin, Ronald
Special Issue: Masculinities in Flux in Contemporary Japan. Intersections


Historisches Forum. Bd. 19

Heinrich, Steffen; Söldner, Tobias
Contemporary Japan 28, No. 2

Kavedžija, Iza
Contemporary Japan 28, No. 1. Ethnographies of Hope in Contemporary Japan

Cheng, Ying; Kotosaka, Masahiro; Loh, Chang-Ti; Waldenberger, Franz; Hemmert, Martin; Kohlbacher, Florian
High-tech Start-up Ecosystems in East Asian Agglomerations: Are They Different From the West?


Holdgrün, Phoebe Stella; Weber, Torsten
Contemporary Japan 27, No. 2

Saladin, Ronald; Gösmann, Hilaria; Maurer Marissa
Beiträge der Sektion Medien des 15. Deutschsprachigen Japanologentags in Zürich (28.-30. August 2012). Nachrichten der Gesellschaft für Natur- und Völkerkunde Ostasiens (NOAG), Nr. 189-190, S. 201-322

Tanaka, Hiromi; Holthus, Barbara; Huber, Matthias
Parental Well-Being In Japan

Mishima, Ken'ichi; Schwentker, Wolfgang
  Geschichtsdenken im modernen Japan. Eine kommentierte Quellensammlung

Holtschneider, Uwe
  Adoption of Corporate Social Resposibility by Japanese Companies

Waldenberger, Franz
Research on the Corporate Governance of Listed Stock Companies in Japan

Cwik, Mateusz
  Gestalt und Gehalt. Der Formalismusstreit in der japanischen Literaturtheorie der 1920er-Jahre

Heinze, Ulrich; Matsunaga, Louella
Contemporary Japan 27, No. 1. Body Concepts: Changing Discourses of the Body in Contemporary Japanese Society

Tiefenbach, Tim; Kohlbacher, Florian
Disasters, donations, and tax law changes: Disentangling effects on subjective well- being by exploiting a natural experiment

Contemporary Japan 27, Nr. 1, Body Concepts: Changing Discourses of the Body in Contemporary Japanese Society


Waldenberger, Franz
Central Bank Independence in Times of High Fiscal Risk – the Case of Japan

Heideck, Christian
  Zwischen Ost-West-Handel und Opposition. Die Japanpolitik der DDR 1952-1973

Coulmas, Florian
Tokio. Vom Glück urbanen Lebens

Vogt, Gabriele
Contemporary Japan 26, No. 2. Destination Japan: Population Aging and International Labor Migration

Bieber, Hans-Joachim
  SS und Samurai. Deutsch-japanische Kulturbeziehungen 1933–1945

Hommerich, Carola
Feeling Disconnected: Exploring the Relationship between Different Forms of Social Capital and Civic Engagement in Japan

Holthus, Barbara; Holdgrün, Phoebe Stella; Holdgrün, Phoebe Stella; Holthus, Barbara
Gender and Political Participation in post-3/11 Japan

Hommerich, Carola; Schöneck, Nadine M.
Vorzeigenationen unter Druck? Wahrnehmungen von sozialer Ungleichheit und Statuserwerbsprozessen – Deutschland und Japan im Vergleich

Tiefenbach, Tim; Winkler, Chris
Contemporary Japan 26, No. 1

Coulmas, Florian
文字の言語学。現代文字論入門 [Writing Systems: An introduction to their linguistic analysis]. Saito Shinji (Translator)

Proceedings. Well-being in Ageing Societies: Perspectives from China, Germany and Japan

Conference Booklet. Deciphering the Social DNA of Happiness: Life Course Perspectives from Japan

Holdgrün, Phoebe Stella; Tiefenbach, Tim
Happiness, Civil Society Participation and Voluntariness: Analyzing the Case of Neighborhood Associations in Japan


East Asia Forum. Dec.13

Kohlbacher, Florian; Tiefenbach, Tim
Disentangling the Happiness Effects of Natural Disasters: The Mitigating Effects of Charitable Donations

Coulmas, Florian
International Journal of the Sociology of Language 224. Fluid Borders - Languages and Varieties in Flux

Holdgrün, Phoebe Stella
  Gender equality. Implementierungsstrategien in japanischen Präfekturen