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Recent Publications


Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 33, No. 2

Blecken, Laura
„Selbstverantwortung“ in der japanischen Gesellschaft. Eine begriffsgeschichtliche und diskursanalytische Untersuchung mit Methoden der Digital Humanities

Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 33, No. 1

Weitzdörfer, Julius; Beard, S.J.
Double Debt Disaster. Law, Policy, and Social Justice in the wake of Japan’s 2011 Tsunami

Holthus, Barbara
Gendered social movements in post-3.11 Japan: A survey report


Die Zeit, 46/2020

Chiavacci, David; Wieczorek, Iris (eds.)
Japan Jahrbuch 2020

Kümmerle, Harald; Waldenberger, Franz
The Digital Transformation. Implications for the Social Sciences and the Humanities

Weltweit vor Ort 2/2020

Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 32, No. 2

Coulmas, Florian
Venezianische Wahrheiten. Japanische Lektionen in der Stadt Marco Polos

MWS-Blog (10. Juli 2020)

Storz, C. & Taube, M.
Firms, Institutions, and the State in East Asia. A Festschrift in Honour of Werner Pascha

Kaihô. Zeitschrift der Deutsch-Japanischen Gesellschaft in Bayern

Eurasian Geography and Economics

NIRA Opinion Paper

Japan through the lens of the Tokyo Olympics

Hagi, Chiharu; Webb, Jonathan (eds.)
Coping with the Economic Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The need for international coordination and cooperation

Bieber, Hans-Joachim
  Dietrich Seckel: Berichte aus Japan. Briefe an seine Mutter: Hiroshima 1936 bis Tokyo/Urawa 1941

Asia Times

Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 32, No. 1

Australian Public Broadcasting

Wirtschaftswoche 21. März 2020

Holthus, Barbara
Wie Phönix aus der Asche – oder Japans Wunsch der Neuerfindung durch die Olympischen Spiele 2020

Wolfram Manzenreiter, Ralph Lützeler, Sebastian Polak-Rottmann
Japan’s New Ruralities. Coping with Decline in the Periphery


Utomo, Franziska
  Tokyos Aufstieg zur Gourmetweltstadt. Eine kulturhistorische Analyse

Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 31, No. 2

Holthus, Barbara; Manzenreiter, Wolfram
Bullseye view: Developing a sociological method for studying happiness

Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 31, No. 1

Asian Business & Management, 2019 (18, 3)

Holthus, Barbara
Infrastructural Family Policy in Japan: Parental Evaluation

Kottmann, Nora
Dreaming of Being a Chef? The Overseas Mobility of Young Japanese Women and Their Employment in Düsseldorf's Japanese Foodscapes


Brucksch, Susanne; Schultz, Franziska
Ageing in Japan. Domestic Healthcare Technologies. A Qualitative Interview Study on Care Robots, Monitoring Sensor Systems, and ICT-based Telehealth Systems

Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 30, No. 2

Eichelberg, Sven; Holthus, Barbara
30 Years Interdisciplinary Research on Site. 1988 - 2018

Söldner, Tobias; Bachmann, Julia
Bouncing Back After Failure: Perceived and Actual Similarity as a Coping Resource in Multinational Work Teams

Heinrich, Steffen
The Politics of Balancing Flexibility and Equality: A Comparison of Recent Equal Pay Reforms in Germany and Japan

Holthus, Barbara; Bertram, Hans (eds.)
  Parental well-being. Satisfaction with work, family life, and family policy in Germany and Japan

Wiemann, Anna
  Networks and Mobilization Processes: The Case of the Japanese Anti-Nuclear Movement after Fukushima

Gagné, Isaac
Contemporary Japan 30, No. 1

Weber, Torsten
Embracing ‘Asia’ in China and Japan. Asianism Discourse and the Contest for Hegemony, 1912-1933 (Palgrave Macmillan Transnational History Series)


Waldenberger, Franz; Eguchi, Takaaki
Management Careers, Internal Control and Corporate Governance. Where Japan and Germany Differ

Manzenreiter, Wolfram
Virtual Special Issue. Rural Japan Revisited

Manzenreiter, Wolfram
Contemporary Japan 29, No. 2. Squared Diaspora: Representations of the Japanese diaspora across time and space

Heinrich, Steffen; Vogt, Gabriele
  Japan in der Ära Abe. Eine politikwissenschaftliche Analyse

Reiher, Cornelia; Yamaguchi, Tomiko
Contemporary Japan 29, No. 1

Waldenberger, Franz
Fully reserve backed money – a solution to Japan’s fiscal and monetary challenges

Saladin, Ronald
Special Issue: Masculinities in Flux in Contemporary Japan. Intersections