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Ronald Saladin

Literature Studies, Media Studies, Popular Culture, Gender Studies

Ronald Saladin studied Japanese Studies, Sociology and German Literature at the University of Trier. In 2014, he received his doctoral degree from the University of Trier. In his doctoral thesis, he analyzes discourses on masculinities in Japanese lifestyle magazines for young men. The Japanese Government awarded him multiple scholarships, which enabled him to study and research at Gakugei University (Tokyo) and Musashi University (Tokyo) for several years. He taught and conducted research at the Universities of Trier, Cologne, and Vienna. In August 2016, he started his position as Senior Research Fellow at the DIJ.

Ronald approaches his research foci and interests within the framework of humanities. For his interdisciplinary research, he applies skills of literature studies, media studies, and social sciences. His research objects are contemporary literature, popular culture, as well as audio-visual and print media. In his case studies, he analyzes topics concerning gender constructions, lifestyle, youth- and subcultures and social developments of Japan, among others. He just started a new research project to analyze public negotiations of diversity at work and the workplace.

DIJ Projects

Work-related Diversity in Japan: New Risks and Opportunities for Whom?

Discussions of Diversity in Fiction and the Media - Work and the Workplace in the Context of Alternative Concepts of Life

Academic Awards

  • 2015: University of Trier Graduate Center Publication Award for:

    „Between gyaru-o and sōshokukei danshi. Body discourses in lifestyle magazines for young Japanese men“. Contemporary Japan 27, Nr. 1, Body Concepts: Changing Discourses of the Body in Contemporary Japanese Society (2015), S. 53-70.

  • 2008: Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT) (04.2008-03.2012)
  • 2008: Scholarship by the DAAD (additional scholarship for MEXT scholarship holders) (04.2008-03.2010)
  • 2002: Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT) (10.2002-03.2004)


10/2015 - 07/2016
Lecturer in Japanese Studies at the University of Cologne

09/2015 - 02/2016
Adjunct lecturer at the University of Vienna

09/2012 - 09/2015
Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Trier