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August 24, 2021

DIJ researchers at EAJS, EACS, and ICAS virtual conferences


Every three years, Japanese Studies experts from all over the world present their latest research at the European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS) conference. From 24-28 August, Franz Waldenberger, Susanne Brucksch, Isaac Gagné, Sonja Ganseforth, Barbara Geilhorn, Markus Heckel, Nora Kottmann, Harald Kümmerle, Torsten Weber, and Yufei Zhou will participate in this year’s virtual EAJS conference as presenters, discussants, or chairs in the sections ‘Anthropology and Sociology’, ‘Economy, Business and Political Economy’, ‘Language and Linguistics’, ‘Intellectual History and Philosophy’, ‘Urban, Regional and Environmental Studies’, and ‘Performing Arts’. Programme and details here. In addition, Yufei Zhou will give a presentation on “Transoceanic Contacts in the Making of Sinological Knowledge” at the European Association for Chinese Studies (EACS) conference on August 27 and Sonja Ganseforth will present her book publication Rethinking Locality in Japan (Routledge 2021), co-edited with DIJ alumnus Hanno Jentzsch, at the International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) on August 28.