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Gender and Sexuality in East Asia – Cultural Studies and Social Science Perspectives

June 9, 2020 – November 17, 2022

Organization: Barbara Geilhorn, Nora Kottmann

This lecture series set out to explore Gender and Sexuality in East Asia from a cultural studies and social science perspective. Topics that were addressed included sexualities and migration, ‘new’ masculinities, ‘new’ life courses for women, gender constructions in film and literature, bodies and postfeminism.


17. November 2022
Film Stardom and Representation: Takamine Hideko and Women in Post-War Japan

Till Weingärtner, University College Cork, Ireland

22. Juli 2022
The Taboo of All Taboos: Regretting Motherhood in Japan

Forum Mithani, Cardiff University & Waseda University

16. März 2022
Ryokan: Mobilizing Hospitality in Rural Japan

Chris McMorran, National University of Singapore


20. Oktober 2021
From learning good manners to training one’s own apprentices: Female rakugo performers on Tokyo’s stages

Sarah Stark, University of Ghent

30. September 2021
Touching the Unreachable: Love of the Object and of the Self through Kawabata

Fusako Innami, Durham University

7. September 2021
Mobile professionals and their families: The making of transnational spaces in Tokyo from a male perspective

Sakura Yamamura, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity

23. Juni 2021
Croft, Quiet, and Kantai Collection: Female Bodies in Japanese Videogames

Rachael Hutchinson, University of Delaware


12. September 2020
Film screening and discussion with the film's producer Ian Thomas Ash and one protagonist: Boys for Sale

9. Juli 2020
Murata Sayaka’s Convenience Store Woman
Discussing Gender Identity and Society in Contemporary Japanese Literature

Ronald Saladin, Trier University

25. Juni 2020
Cute Masculinity - Investigating the Meaning of Virtual Shōjo and Girl Parody by Young Men in the 2010s

Sharon Kinsella, The University of Manchester

9. Juni 2020
Towards a Transnational Sexual Field: Male Vietnamese Migrants in Contemporary Japan

An Huy Tran, University of Duisburg-Essen/Waseda University