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Relationships in motion: Doing belonging on a global stage

Chances and Risks of Digital Technologies: The vision of an inclusive society and new social spaces free from physical and cognitive limitations

Book Project: Okada Toshiki & Japanese Theatre

The Digital Transformation of Science

Publication Project: Ageing and Elderly Care in German and Japanese Communities

Use of robotic systems in nursing care in Japan with a view to increasing demand for skilled workers

ACCESS - Supporting digital literacy and appropriation of ICT

Regional diversity of well-being in Japan

History of mathematics in modern Japan

Humans and Devices in Medical Contexts in Japan (book project)

Comparing Comparisons

Social movements and gender in post-3.11 Japan

ACCESS - Inclusion of senior citizens in a digitalizing world

COVID-19 and its effects on singles in Japan:
Personal relationships and practices of intimacy in the time of ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-discipline’

Area Studies: Methodological Approaches

The Future of the Financial System in the Digital Age

COVID-19: Japan’s handling of a new challenge in international comparison

Research Overview

The Making of Modern Social Sciences in East Asia - Concepts, Agents and Transnational Networks

Borders, Mobility and New Infrastructures

Interaction and Knowledge in the Pacific Region: Entanglements and Disentanglements

Japan in Transregional Perspective

Conceptual history using digital methods

The discourse on the digital transformation in Japan: an analysis based on the concept of data

Digital Transformation
– Discourses, Strategies and Processes

Business and Management Environment of Technology Intensive Startups in the Far East (a collaborative research by universities in Japan, PR-China, and ROK with the German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ))

Economic Discourses of Monetary Policy – The Case of the Bank of Japan

Special project:
Japan through the lens of the Tokyo Olympics

The meaning of local community for happiness and selfhood

Parental well-being in the rural periphery of Germany and Japan: Choices, challenges, and considerations

Handbook Project Studying Japan: Research Designs, Fieldwork and Methods

Local Issues Take Stage – Culture and Community Revitalization

The Risks and Opportunities of the ‘Hyper-Solo-Society’. (Re)Mapping Intimacy – Spatial Perspectives on Personal Relationships in Contemporary Japan

Global Dimensions of the First World War and the Interwar Period in East Asia

What is the "local"? - Rethinking the politics of subnational spaces in Japan

Japan's economic challenges ahead - Abenomics and beyond

Integrating a global workforce - Japanese approaches to global HR

Sexism and career aspirations of Japanese university students

Temporäre internationale Arbeitsmigration und lokaler Arbeitsmarkt in Japan am Beispiel des Technical Intern Training Program

Industrial Trainees from China and Vietnam in Japan: An Entry Point into the Key Issues of International Labour Migration and Skill Transfer

Japan’s “blue economies”? Japanese firms in the restructuring of the global seafood trade

Three Myths about the Japanese Red Army: What you Think you Know is Probably Wrong!

The Status of Japanese Career Women in their Professional and Private Life

Changing Gender Orders and Diversity in Comparative Perspective: Growing Flexibility of Work and Life Strategies

The Great East Japan Earthquake

Gender and Political Participation in post-3/11 Japan

Five Things You'd Want to Know in Explaining Japan's Surrender in 1945

Happiness in Japan and Germany

Contemporary Japanese society with focus on gender, Japanese women, tradition in modern Japan and cultural globalization

“Polished Toilets, Polished Minds“. The anthropology of cleaning your workplace in Japan