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History Politics in East Asia

Technical Innovation and Research Collaboration / Clusters: Biomedical Engineering in Japan

The debate on nuclear energy policy after March 11

Older people’s housing situation and future prospects in the Tōhoku region

Political participation and well-being: A case study of political activists after 3/11

Parents against Radiation. A case study

Trust and Subjective Well-being after 3/11 – results of a DIJ-survey

Negotiating Nuclear Disaster: Cultural Representations of “Fukushima”

Volunteering in Tōhoku

Consumption and economic sustainability after March 11

Happiness in Japan before and after 3/11: An economic approach

Happiness Literature

Socio-political discourse on happiness in Imperial Japan: Towards a historical contextualization of the Japanese concept of happiness

Entrepreneurship and Employment in Demographically Ageing Societies

Risks and Opportunities in Japan - Challenges in the Face of an Increasingly Uncertain Future

Happily Different? On Happiness and Norm Deviation in Japan

Happiness and Unhappiness in Bioethical Questions: Decision Making for Organ Donation and Organ Transplantation in Germany and in Japan

Vereinbarkeit Familie und Beruf

Privatisation and diversification in the Japanese welfare state: Toward a new safety net through regulation?

Start-ups in Asia – the role of agglomerations and international linkages

Political Participation and Happiness in Japanese Community Groups

The Future of Local Communities in Japan - Risks and Opportunities in the Face of Multiple Challenges

Social Aspects of Low Fertility in Japan

Employment of the Elderly, the Ageing Workforce and HRM

Civil Society and Population Ageing in Japan

Happiness in Japan: Continuities and Discontinuities

Life Course Changes in Contemporary Japanese Society: A Study of Single Working Women in Tokyo

Marital Happiness and Discord: Discourses in Japanese Women’s Magazines

Comparatively Happy – Objective Precarity and Subjective Exclusion in Germany and Japan

Imaging the Lost Generation: Representations of Japan’s “Unequal Society” in Popular Culture Media

Religious organizations and the politics of happiness

Adult Guardianship in Japan

Demographic Change and its Regional Implications for Municipalities in Rural and Urban Areas

The Appropriation of Traditions in Contemporary Rural Japan: Pursuit of Happiness?

Political participation and happiness: The public-private divide and its implication for gender equality

DIJ in the Media

How to make voters happy? The promise of happiness by Japan’s political parties between continuities and discontinuities

Parental Well-Being - Germany and Japan in Comparison

Parental Well-being: Japan and Germany in Comparison

“A Happy Person”: A Japanese-German Comparison of Factors of Life Satisfaction

Political Participation and Happiness in Japan

Great East Japan Earthquake

Wirtschaftsförderung in Japans Abwanderungsgebieten

Population History of Japan: Past, Present, and Future

Wandel der Entlohnungspraktiken japanischer Großunternehmen bei alternden Belegschaftsstrukturen

Die Zulassung der weiblichen Thronfolge in Japan

Die Diskussion um die Änderung der japanischen Verfassung und der Kriegsverzichtsartikel (Artikel 9)

Jüngste Arbeitsmarktreformen in Deutschland – Mögliche Lehren für Japan

The Language of Science, a Case Study about the University of Tokyo

Images of the Nation: Gender, Race, and Culture in Women’s