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Andreas Moerke

Andreas Moerke

Andreas Moerke
Head of Business and Economics Section
Business Administration
(Researchers, September 1, 2001 - August 31, 2006)

1. Corporate Governance structures in international comparison

2. Change of the organizational structures of Japanese firms

3. Market entry strategies comparison: Japan, China, and Europe

4. Changes in industrial structures

  1.  Japan’s Hybrid Car Industry
    (TV-Interview, Bloomberg 04.05.2006)
  2.  Zur Situation der japanischen Banken ( The Situation of the Japanese Banking Industry)
    (TV-Interview, Bloomberg 11.11.2004)
  3.  Zur Fusion von MTFG und UFG ( The merger of MTFG and UFG)
    (TV-Interview, Bloomberg 15.07.2004)

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