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René Haak

René Haak

René Haak
Business Administration, Management and Technology
(Researchers, September 1, 1999 - October 15, 2005)

  • Interfirm Network Organization – Organization Theory

  • Japanese and International Management

  • Production Technology and Work Organization
  • Logistics

Current Research Project

Collective Internationalization Strategies

German-Japanese Business Cooperation in Third Markets

In the process of the globalization, the concept of international management has steadily gained importance as a decisive element behind the success of business enterprises. The development of proactive internationalization strategies and the competition-oriented structuring of cooperate reengineering are among the core tasks of strategic management. Japanese and German management are attempting to face the diverse challenges of intensified international competition by employing collective international strategies.

René Haak is currently conducting research within the DIJ research focus “Japan in Asia” on the collective internationalization strategies used by Japanese and German industry in third markets. This research project is linked to Mr. Haak’s research interests in various ways, namely interfirm network organization and international management, especially organization theory in an international perspective. At the center of his present empirical work stands the genesis and management of Japanese-German business cooperation in China on a strategic as well as on an operative level.


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Collective Internationalization Strategies - German-Japanese Business Cooperation in Third Markets

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